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We work with graphic designers and recruiters to bring you the most elegant and professional CV templates, while ensuring they are suitable for most of the recruiters and compatible with their digital tools.

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How to fill in my CV?

Title and description

Start by defining the title of your CV, the position you are looking for. This will give a clear and concrete objective at the first reading of your CV.

Share a few words about your project and your professional career in a short and powerful catchphrase.

Personal information

Stop forgetting to put your email on your CV, we do it for you. No more formatting errors on your phone number, it is now is done automatically.

With CVDesignR, easily format your contact information with a few clicks. Ensure all recruiters can reach you easily.

Diploma and trainings

Promote your training, diplomas and certifications to highlight your knowledge and strengthen your area of expertise. Organize them easily and add details, training times and stress out scores and mentions!

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