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Colourful and Discrete


The Pastel template combines a subtle blend of sobriety and modernity for an aesthetic design.

Modern and elegant


Designed for a digital audience, this neat and up-to-the-minute template is perfect for you if you are hyper-connected and are looking to apply for work in the digital sector

Complete and ambitious


The ultimate template. In two pages, it allows you to better present the richness of your profile. The classical portrait-format photo is replaced by a banner adding a "Wow" effect to your CV.

Clear and concise


Simple, effective and approved by recruiters, the Triumph template is particularly flexible and adaptable and is suitable for all applications regardless of profile or position.

Chronological and Distinguished


Experience-oriented, this template has been designed to highlight your professional career with a clear chronological presentation to allow you to accentuate your various missions.

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