Terms & Conditions

March 05th 2017

ARTICLE 1 : Purpose

The present terms and conditions provide a legal framework for the provision of services by the www.cvdesignr.com website and the use of these services by the « User ».

The Terms and Conditions must have been accepted by all Users who want to use the services provided on the web site. They represent a contrat between the website and the User. Website access by the User implies acceptance of the present Terms and Conditions.

In case of non-acceptance of these present Terms and Conditions, the User must renounce both access and use of the services provided by the web site.

www.cvdesignr.com reserves the right to modify unilaterally the content of the present Terms and Conditions at any time.

ARTICLE 2 : Contractual Party

The www.cvdesignr.com website was created and is managed by Edith Digital SAS. Email: contact@edithdigital.com

The website host is OVH SAS.

ARTICLE 3 : Definitions

The present clause defines the main terms used in these terms and conditions:

  • The website : www.cvdesignr.com
  • User : any person using the website or one of its services.
  • User content : all the data given by the User to the website.
  • Member : A Member is an User who logged in to the website.
  • Login and password : all necessary information used to identify a User on the website. The Login and password enable a User to access those website’s services that are reserved to members. The password is confidential. Identification on the website can be simplified by a connection via a Facebook or LinkedIn account.

ARTICLE 4 : Access to services

The website provides free access to the following services:

  • Creation and modification of CVs
  • Use of the free CV layouts, determined by the website

The website is freely accessible anywhere and at any time for all Users who have access to Internet and, optionally, who have a Facebook or Linkedin account. All expenses supported by the User to access services (computer hardware, software, internet connection etc) are the User's responsibility.

Users who are not members cannot access services reserved to members. To access these services, the User must be identified using their login and password.

In addition,

The website makes every effort to ensure quality access to its services but the website does not engage its responsibility to achieve this objective.

All malfunctioning of the network or server due to a major cause independent of www.cvdesignr.com’s or Edith Digital’s will or responsibility, will not engage the responsibility of the parties mentioned.

Access to the website’s services can be at anytime the subject of interruption, suspension, modification… and this without any previous information concerning maintenance or other situations. The User will not request any compensation due to this type of interruption, suspension or modification… of the website or the terms and conditions.

The User has the possibility to contact the administrator and publication director of the website via the contact section at the bottom of the home page.

ARTICLE 5 : Intellectual Property

All brands, logos, signs and any other content of the website fall under the protection of French Intellectual Property law and more particularly by Copyright law.

The User or any other person must ask prior permission from the website before proceeding with any reproduction, publication, or copies of all content. In case of consent by Edith Digital, this must be proven in writing (e-mail or letter). In case of non-respect of this condition, the person exposes themselves to prosecution.

The User agrees to exclusive private use of the contents of the website. Commercial use of the content is strictly forbidden and could lead to prosecution and request for compensation.

All online content belonging to the User is the User's responsibility. The User agrees to not put online harmful content that could impair somebody’s or something’s interests. Any charges engaged on the subject would be against the User and not against the website.

All User’s content might be, at anytime and for any reason, cancelled or modified on the website. The User will not receive any previous (or subsequent) notification, justification or explanation, unless the User requests an explanation after the cancellation via the contact address.

ARTICLE 6 : Personal Information

The information requested to register on the website as a member is necessary and compulsory for the User's account creation. In particular, the electronic address that will be used to administrate and manage the website’ services.

Article 7 : Protection of the Personal data collected

Le site internet www.cvdesignr.com récolte des informations personnelles relatives à l'Utilisateur et sa vie professionnelle. Il est libre de ne pas les fournir et peut les modifier à tout moment.

Toutes les informations saisies ont pour but la création complète du CV de l'Utilisateur par l'Utilisateur.

Ces informations pourront être ultérieurement desservies via un moteur de recherche payant pour les entreprises et recruteurs.

L'ensemble du site et des données collectées sont soumis à l'article 32 de la loi informatique et liberté n°78-17 du 6 Janvier 1978 modifié.

ARTICLE 8 : Responsibility and Force Majeur

The information sources present and diffused on the website are deemed reliable. However, the website reserves the right of non-guarantee of a source's reliability. Information given on the website is purely to provide information, the User only is responsible for the use of this information and content.

The User agrees to keep their password secret. All disclosure of the password, or any form of it, is forbidden.

The User agrees to be responsible alone for the risks related to the use of their login and password. The website declines all responsibility.

All services used by the User either directly or indirectly related to any claims for damages will lead to compensation for the victim and for the website (more specifically Edith Digital).

An optimal security and confidentiality guarantee of the data given to the website is not provided. However, the website agrees to commit to implementing all necessary means in order to guarantee the best data security and confidentiality.

The website’s responsibility cannot be engaged in case of Force Majeure or from an unpredictable and insurmountable event caused by a third party.

ARTICLE 9 : Hypertext links

There are many outgoing hypertext links present on the website, however web pages related to those links do not engage the www.cvdesignr.com’s or Edith Digital’s responsibility because neither the company nor the website have any control over those links.

The User agrees not to engage the responsibility of the website and/or Edith Digital SAS concerning the content or resources related to these hypertext links.

ARTICLE 10 : Terms and Conditions Modifications

The website reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions at any time.

ARTICLE 11 : Duration

There is no time limit to the present terms and conditions. The terms and conditions come into effect from the time the User accesses the web site, including registration of members, up to deletion of their account. The User can modify their account at any time using the menu "Edit my account", once logged in.

ARTICLE 12 : Applicable Law

In connection with the exercise of its functions, Edith Digital SAS owns as intellectual property all images, logos, brands… on the website (refer to article 5). Since the website is French, hosted by a French company (Edith Digital SAS) and the creator of the website (Edith Digital SAS) is French, the applicable Law for these terms and conditions is French Law, even for international users, and the qualified tribunal is the one on which depends Edith Digital SAS’s head office.

ARTICLE 13 : User Publication

The website allows users to create personal CVs independently and without intervention by CV DesignR. The responsibility of CV DesignR will not be engaged regarding the use of these CVs, nor regarding the success or not of these CVs with recruiters.