Create my own CV for free with CV DesignR

Easy-to-use, free online tool for creating great-looking CVs

With CV DesignR, create your multi-language and professional-looking CV PDF from a large selection of customizable templates. It’s easy, online and entirely free.

  • Texts, Language, Design Adding of your texts, choice of the layout, customization
  • Adding of pictures Adding of your photos, logos, custom QR code
  • Downloading as a PDF file Downloading of the created CV as a high-quality PDF
  • Choose a language for your CV
  • Upload your profile picture
  • Insert your personal data
  • Insert your texts : educations, work experiences, assets, spoken languages…
  • Choose a classic or design layout, among a growing library of templates
  • Customize positions, colours, fonts, element sizes

Many templates, classic, design, or original

Our templates have many options to customize your CV (colors, sizes, fonts, margins, layout)

A simple and powerful tool enabling you to create a great-looking CV yourself, with pictures, backgrounds and logos.

A growing choice of templates.

Specific options (size, colours, margins) for each layout.

Download your CVs in high-quality PDF format, for free.

Why use CV DesignR?

CV DesignR lets you create a full CV in high-definition PDF format, online, quickly and for free, using any of a number of different customisable templates

Once you have created your CV in PDF format, it’s very easy to download and either send by email or print. Why not sign up now?

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