The different CV forms according to your profile

The chronological CV (or the ante-chronological CV)

A template of a chronological CV made on CVDesignR

The chronological resume is the closest version of the conventional version we usually conceive of the resume. It gives you the opportunity to be clear, precise and concise and to build a CV that is  easy to read and quickly browsable while still remaining the most appreciated CV form by the recruiters.

Experiences are presented from the most recent to the oldest when the last experience up to date is strongly highlighted (this is the one that will get the recruiter’s attention). In addition, the chronological CV most often includes a header that allows you to refocus on your strengths and expectations for the job.

The chronological resume is perfect for the one that :

– Need to draw up a list of different missions carried out over a period of time

– Do not have long period of inactivity (whether for education or work experience)

– Start working (with no or little professional experience)

Moreover, if your career path has a significant progression in the positions you occupy over the time, you will perfectly take advantage of the chronological CV because it emphasizes and easily highlights the evolution of your career.

It is a CV form that still is very widespread although it’s starting to lose momentum in favor of the two other CV type : the thematic one and the combined one that reflects a growing trend in recruitment: the importance given by companies to skills.

In fact, the main weakness of the chronological CV is that it focuses too much on the journey you have taken to get where you currently are and not enough on what interests most recruiters today: the assets and the skills.

In addition, depending on your career path, it is sometimes not recommend to opt for this type of resume (when you had recurring job changes over a short period of time or when targeting a career change perspective).

The thematic CV (also called functional CV or competency CV)

A template of a thematic CV made on CVDesignR

The thematic CV is a functional and very flexible CV form allowing you to highlight your skills, experience and achievements during your evolution.

It has the advantage of being partly organized with a non-chronological layout thus allowing you to smartly either “hide” the periods of inactivity you have in your career or the or the sequences of short work experiences in different sectors (Which may be associated with instability for the recruiter). Moreover, given the fact it is a less career-oriented CV form, it is also very suitable for senior profiles that held the same position for years or for those who worked on the same position in different companies.

Also very useful for temporary workers that have varied experiences in different sectors, the functional CV has the interesting advantage of gathering the focus on what interest the most the recruiters today: skills and competence and their transfer from one experience to another.

Finally, one of the last advantage offered by the functional resume is that it gives you the opportunity to draw the recruiter attention on all the different personal projects your undertook by developing in details all the missions and tasks you completed.

You start by presenting your competencies in details, explaining the context, the tasks and the results related to the process of learning and deploying this competency followed then after by a brief summary of your education and work experience.

Considered its uncommon layout and reading order in addition to its rather editorial structure,  the functional CV is more difficult to write and requires a very rigorous presentation and particular ergonomics to ensure the readability of the document.

The combined CV (also called the mixed CV)

A template of a combined CV made on CVDesignR

The most comprehensive and versatile type of CV, the combined CV is a clever mix of the chronological and the functional CV.

Particularly suitable for candidates that have a consistent career evolution, it takes the form of a classic chronological CV centered around the experience of the candidate while exploring the different skills developed chronologically during his professional breakthrough.

The combined CV shows your adaptability and the coherence of your overall journey (training, experience, competence) by presenting your profile as clearly as possible, enabling you to quickly stand out by showing your qualities and your assets in a transversal way (experiences – skills)

Usually, it contains a little more content than other forms giving you more freedom to build more creative layouts and better organize all the different sections. It is also a resume form that significantly enhances your achievements during your previous experiences.

At first sight, the presentation look like the chronological resume: we start by describing our academic background and our professional experience from the most recent to the oldest without particularly illustrating the different skills developed.

Given the fact that it is a unique and very personal presentation and structure, keep in mind that it is relatively time consuming to write such a CV as each version is truly unique for each position.