8 Most common mistakes when creating resumes

Write “CV” on a … CV

Many CVs still specifies the mention “CV” at the beginning of the document (like “CV Jean Dupont”). It is absolutely not necessary to specify that your document is a CV as it is obvious, given the context and the format of the document.
Mentioning “CV” at the beginning of your Curriculum, is already starting the application with a handicap.

Underestimate the “Interest” section

Many candidates still underestimate the part of the CV related to “extra-professional” activities when it is the only one that will allow the recruiter to make the difference between two CVs with equal background and competencies. Do not hesitate to specify precisely the elements related to your passions and your leisure by going into details. If you like reading or movies, specify the authors / directors, if you like sports, specify which one, if you like to travel, also specify which type / country you like. Those information very seriously considered by the recruiters : don’t underestimate them.

Adding too much personal information

Your resume is neither an outlet, nor a confessional, nor your diary. Try to use a neutral, detached tone and do not talk about your personal life that are not related to the offer. Stick to the point and be sincere by concentrating the content of your resume on your background and your skills, you are the only one that should be concerned about your personal life

Use abbreviations, contractions or other language facilities

Whenever it’s possible, avoid everything that comes close to ordinary everyday use language facilities: abbreviations, contractions, jargons, slangs, acronyms, familiarities … The objective of your CV is to clearly present your profile and show your seriousness. In fact, prefer a simple and explicit vocabulary and eliminate every elements that could hinder the readability of your CV.

Use an inappropriate email address

It is essential to use an e-mail address suitable for job search. Your personal email address is not always the best one to mention on your resume for the recruiter to contact you. Prefer a simple and explicit email address simply made of your name and surname.
An inappropriate e-mail address: jdpt_du_78@gmail.com
An appropriate email address: jean.dupont@gmail.com or j.dupont@gmail.com

A unique CV for every job offers

A very common bad practice shared by a lot of applicants is to use a unique CV for all the offers that the applicants are applying for
When looking for a job, you will inevitably have to apply for several positions in different companies. Each offers and positions having its own characteristics. That’s why it’s important to customize each CV according to the company and the offer you are applying for in order to highlight certain key competencies and experiences specific to each situation. In fact, do not hesitate to vary your resumes on CVDesignR in order to adapt them according to the situation.

Using a non-professional photo

If you decide to attach a photo to your resume, opt for a clean, well framed photo where you are wearing a decent outfit. No selfie, no pronounced facial expression and as far as possible, use a professional photograph skills.
Do not forget that a bad photo will disadvantage you much more than no photo at all !

Being “cliché”

An employer sees tens or even hundreds of resumes per day and he has a very large choice to select the profile that pleases him the most.
Do not be the cliché of the commonplace : dynamic, motivated, creative or used to work as a team are qualities that everyone uses on his CV that gives in reality no extra information to the recruiter.
Characterize yourself by highlighting the uniqueness of your application by presenting your profile in a way that breaks the classical can path.