5 essential rules to apply to any CV to get an interview

It must fit in one page

A good CV is first and foremost a short CV. Did you know that a recruiter spends on average less than 2 minutes actually reading your CV?
Your resume must be accurate and concise and must be a concentrate of you in one single page.
Be minimalist, eliminate all unnecessary information and get to the point: recruiters receive hundreds or even thousands of CVs every day and they will not give more time to your resume than to another one.
Each key point should not exceed the length of a Tweet, keep that in mind, it’s essential: your resume must fit in one page.

Use keywords and specific vocabulary

More and more companies are now using Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to optimize and reduce the time and costs of recruitment. Specifically, these are online recruitment data management software that pre-selects profiles based on relevant keywords for a given offer.
In fact, it is now essential to build a resume that takes into account these robots (and the offer you are applying to) and to use specific vocabulary and keywords that allow you to get through this pre-selection stage in order to get your CV to the recruiter hands.

Read carefully the offer you are applying for and identify the keywords in this offer that seem the most relevant and reformulate or reuse these words through your CV. This will greatly increase your chances of getting through the first process of selection used by most companies.

Additionally, do not forget to give a clear and consistent name to your resume, for example: “CV_Jean_Martin_24-June-2017”

50% of your chances of getting an interview relies on your header

6 seconds. That’s the window of opportunity your CV has to get the attention of the recruiter and it’s the amount of time you have to convince and seduce him. Fortunately it’s the exact amount of time for him to read one or two sentences that tease him a first opinion on your profile.
These two sentences are featured on the heading of your resume and gives you the perfect shot to hold his attention: 50% of your chances of winning an interview depend on the quality of this header!
CVDesignR allows you to focus on the header of each of your resumes in the “Profile” section of each model of the platform in order to to maximize your first impression.
Therefore, the question is : how to properly formulate this header in order to maximize the chances of obtaining an interview ?
Picture it as it follow: you are taking the elevator with the recruiter responsible for the offer you are applying for and you have just enough time in that lift to convince him : what would you say ?
These few words have to be convincing enough to make an excellent general impression while remaining mysterious enough to trigger the recruiter curiosity on your profile.
Here is an example: “Passionate about …, I had the chance to work for 3 years for X as …. Looking for a new challenge today, I am convinced that my expertise and my experience in … will help to answer the problems of … specific to … »

Focus on results and not experience

Recruiters want to know more about what you have done in a business than about what you have been assigned: your achievements are much more important than your jobs.

A resume is not a summary of your past positions nor a list of the responsibilities you had, what interests a recruiter is the results and accomplishment you got : the goal is to prove that you are THE person that will have a real impact on the company’s results

Do not describe positions from previous experiences but rather focus on your successes and overall impact.

Stay concise and honest and show your value through some important metrics you performed, do not waste time on obvious points and do not hesitate to reward yourself with the merits of an experience or an action when you have the opportunity to.

Review your resume aloud

Spelling mistakes are very often crippling. More than 75% of the recruiters say that they automatically dismiss an applicant with a spelling mistake in his CV and more than one CV out of two have typos or spelling mistakes.

As far as possible, stay neutral by using the 3rd person and avoiding the “I”. Do not use vocabulary related to feelings and emotions, pay attention to the syntax of your sentences.

Proofread your CV aloud to verify the readability of the CV, read it backwards several times, from the end to the beginning and take the necessary time to verify that it contains absolutely no mistakes.Ask some of your relatives to read it too, remember, a mistake is almost every time eliminatory for an application.