Alexandru B.

Senior Full-Stack Engineer
Software and IT passionate, eager to build great solutions for challenging problems.
Degree in Computer Science
University of Bucharest Bucharest, Romania
From October 2015 to June 2018
Maths and IT, intensive IT
National College ”Gh. Vranceanu” Bacau - Highschool Bacau, Romania
From September 2011 to June 2015
Work experience
Solutions Architect
wdma. Bucharest
Since March 2020

wdma. (where-design-meets-art) is a generative art platform where artists can transcend their art onto the blockchain.

  • Implement authentication using web3 + JWT
  • Help design and implement the smart contract behind the platform
  • Implement smart contract listeners to keep our database coherent with the blockchain state
  • Design and implement the web client to function as an art gallery where users can mint, re-roll or breed their tokens
Chief Product Owner
Dysto World Bucharest
Since November 2021

DystoWorld is an ecosystem for NFT games and serves as a platform for curating and bonding the community. I am responsible for the product's long-term vision and for designing the entire ecosystem's technical behaviour. DystoWorld is built onto MATIC, making every blockchain interaction quicker and cheaper. At the current moment, I am focused on delivering our launch-edition NFT collection, that play a key part in our upcoming game.

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer
HYVE Bucharest
From April 2021 to April 2022
  • Worked on the multiple blockchain integrations in the backend side (Ethereum, BSC, Polygon and Fantom)
  • Worked on the HYVE Jobs portal and implemented API endpoints to serve the client + Refactored several endpoints to increase performance
  • Worked on crypto payment processing side of the unreleased HYVE Bazaar
28 years old
Highly adaptable
Team Player
Computer Games
Programming languages
Work experience
Solutions Architect Bucharest
Since September 2021

MetaScraper is a SaaS that provides analytics about PfP NFTs, being the perfect companion for a collector.


  • Designed and implemented a blazing fast blockchain crawling engine that, given a ERC721 Ethereum Smart Contract, is able to fetch the entirety of the tokens metadata. (10K Tokens ~ 60 seconds)
  • Designed and implemented a NFT rarity evaluation algorithm that accurately reflects the value of each token inside the collection.
  • Designed and implemented a Web Client to interact, filter and sort data.
  • Designed and implemented a real-time OpenSea crawler that keeps the entire token database (500+ collections and growing) prices up-to-date and coherent with the biggest NFT marketplace in the world.
  • Deployed an IPFS node that served as our private performant IPFS gateway (the majority of the NFT collections use IPFS as their go-to hosting provider).
Full-Stack Software Engineer
nutriSCOPE Bucharest, Romania
From January 2018 to July 2021

nutriSCOPE - Supply Chain Orchestration Solution

Responsible of:

  • Building services and workflows using CUBA Platform (Spring) and BPM
  • Building the user interface using Vaadin 11 (SSR)
  • Deployment scripts and CI/CD for our solution
  • Building a microservice (Spark Java) that is on top of a graph database (Cassandra)
  • Exporting graph-centric data from Postgres to Cassandra
  • Building a client on top of the Cassandra-based microservice for data vizualization
  • Design a lifecycle system based on blockchain principles so full transparency is achieved between the participating entities. (Whenever a product's location, recipe, branding etc. was updated)
Work experience
Full-Stack Software Engineer
BOMerang Bucharest, Romania
From December 2020 to August 2021

BOMerang - Bill of Material Analysis Solution

Solution for a more efficient management and analyzing of BOMs (using graph databases and microservices - despite the current industry standard monolith apps and relational databases)

Responsible of:

  • building a Spring Boot microservice with Neo4J Embedded
  • building a reactive/non-blocking import mechanism into the graph db (from relational db to graph db)
  • building a REST API for querying the graph db
  • building an Angular 11-based client for data viz.
  • building a traceability system based on the Ethereum ecosystem (as a private blockchain). This system will be used so that the interested entities will receive real-time updates regarding the state of whatever they are interested in and also have complete visibility over the blockchain.
iOS Developer
vTrader Bucharest, Romania
From February 2018 to February 2021

vTrader - iOS App for the Cryptocurrency exchange vTrader

  • Designing the UI
  • Building fast and responsive native iOS Components
  • Bundle-optimization (Do more work, with less code)

All in one sentence, deliver a fully functional, beautiful and reliable front-end client for the iOS users of the crypto exchange.

Computer skills

Java 8+, Spring, Spring Boot, CUBA Platform, JHipster, Spark Java. (5+ years of experience)


React, Angular, Node.js, Express.js etc. (4+ years of experience)


Advanced in designing/implementing Web3 applications. (2+ years of experience)


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