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Note :

All the Project videos but also fanvideos will be posted on : LunaAkame Phoenix | Youtube Channel. Please tell me if you don't want your face to appear in a video or if you want it to be blurred !

Translations available on website :

(still in progress)

You can submit your participation to the gmail adress on the right or contact me on twitter : @LunaAkame / if you want to send it another way ! :)
What can I do to show my support to KAT-TUN ?
Express your love for KAT-TUN in the way that YOU want !

With a video, a drawing, a special message, a picture, a cake, a song, a poem - whatever is fine ! Just show your support for KAT-TUN and post it on SNS with the Hashtags #KATTUN15THFACE #KATTUN15THANNIVERSARY

By sending a pic or video of yourself to the e-mail address

I will make a video with all hyphen's love messages and pics. Please send me a picture or video of yourself, holding a piece of paper or a flag with your country/nationality, or KAT-TUN merch is goo too ; and I will put it all together for the 22.03 ! Let's show KAT-TUN how many of us there is, and how much widely they are known and loved !

By overflowing twitter with the hashtags & KAT-TUN stuff on the 22.03 !

Let's try and make it to Top Tweet Japan on the 22.03.21 ! Get all your pictures, love messages and videos ready for that day, and overflow twitter with so much love for KAT-TUN that they'll have no over choice but to notice our messages ! I'm coungting on you !!

By participating to the ''Pass on the merch'' dance video !

Have a look at @KATTUN15PROJECT on twitter to see their project for the hyphen dance support video !

Who can participate ?
Absolutely everyone !
wether you have a special talent or not, and even if you don't want to show your face in a video
De janvier 2021 à mars 2021

Everyone can do something ! Write a supporting message, draw something, bake a cake, do a song or dance cover, make a fanvideo, decorate your room with the member's colours, share your turtle collection : anyone can participate, no matter where you're from ! ♥

When is the deadline ?
If you want your participation to be part of the final video, please send it to me before 10.03.21 !

The projects has already beggun, and you can already start participating !! :) From today to 22.03 ! BUT if you want your participation to be part of the final video, please send it to the email adress before 10.03.21 ~

Where do I send/share my participation ?
SHARE anywhere, everywhere !

The point is for the hashtags #KATTUN15THANNIVERSARY & #KATTUN15THFACE to spread worldwide and have many many posts, so that maybe, wether it's on twitter or somewhere else, it gets noticed by medias or end up on Top Tweets Japan so that KAT-TUN hear about it !

Send me your participation on this gmail adress if you want to be part of the final Project video ! I will try to gather as much drawings, videos, messages or fan's participation as possible !

@lunaakame on twitter

Contact me on twitter if you want to send me your particpation in another way ! We'll find a way for you to give me your participation somehow ~ ;)


Please express your talents, your love, your opinions or support with the hashtags : #KATTUN15THANNIVERSARY and #KATTUN15THFACE (stands for KAT-TUN's 15th ''Real Face'' anniversary, meaning that for
this 15th year they will again show us a beautiful new face, but also
the ''Face'' stands for us, hyphens, who will finally show our ''faces'' : our support/love for KAT-TUN.) ! ♥

Let's have fun hyphens !!!